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A week long project starting from the 18th of July lasting all the way to the 25th of July was held with 60 young participants from 6 different countries: Denmark, Turkey, UK, Lithuania, Slovenia and Macedonia.

This project took place in a small town in Denmark called Fuglebjerg. Every country had 10 participants among 1 team leader of the group.

During those 7 days, participants were together all the time discussing about the stereotypes and discrimination in their countries and so many different topics that are including fairness as this project is called.

Each day the participants were starting with some energizers and after that they were participating in sessions in a mixed group from each country. The sessions were about examples of situations, sharing experiences and knowledge from real life and presenting and team work. Some of the workshops were redone with our organization in our community. The fact that all participants came from different cultures means they have a different idea on gender issues. The main thing participants learned through the workshops is that even though they come from different cultures, they face the same issues and problems, and by focusing on them one by one, they now have very concrete ideas on how to tackle them.

At the end of each day there were more activities known as intercultural evenings, to show us the culture of the country, their food, their traditional dances etc. Participants get to know more about another countries in a different way that it makes the project more interesting.

As the project was coming to an end, particiant had to leave but kept good memories and friendships that will last forever.