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Youth Exchange “Ecopreneurship”, 22 – 31 January, 2020 – Istanbul, Turkey

The last week of January, 60 people from 6 countries were participating on a youth exchange „Ecopreneurship” in Istanbul, Turkey.  

On this youth exchange, the participants through a non-formal methods were learning about eco entrepreneurship and were encouraged to become future entrepreneurs that will address ecological issues. 
The participants coming from different countries of Europe (UK, Turkey, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia) were breaking stereotypes and barriers, were sharing their previous knowledge, experience and practices about this topic, eager to learn new things and to improve the situation in the society where they live.

The main aim of the exchange was increase the knowledge of the participants about the concept of eco-entrepreneurship and its key elements of entrepreneurship such as design thinking, to support sharing good practices all around the globe and raise interest of the participants to apply new knowledge in practice and develop own eco-enterprises in the future etc. 
Also, the participants had an opportunity to improve their teamwork and communication skills, through discussions (guided discussions as free discussions) and presentations, they were motivated to active listen and to give critical feedback. During the workshops the participants has an opportunity to work on development of their digital competencies as they got to know more about writing blog posts, social media and video making and editing.

  After a week spent in Istanbul, gaining new friends, experiences and knowledge, expanding horizons and enjoying the beautiful city, the participants came back in their countries super motivated to share the lessons they learned during the youth exchange with their peers, and to look for innovative solutions of ecological problems.