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Youth exchange:„Inspiration”, 01 – 09 February – Istanbul, Turkey

A week long project starting from the 1st of February lasting all the way to the 9th of February was held with 60 young participants from 6 different countries: UK, Turkey, Lithuania, Macedonia, Latvia and Germany.

This project took place in Istanbul, Turkey. Every country had 10 participants among 2 team leaders of the group.

The participants just arrived home, and are still under all those positive impressions from this youth exchange. Those 7 days, were mostly filled with a lot of positive energy and good music, considering the fact that the main goal of the project is to increase awareness among youth people all around Europe that music can be utilized as a social and instructive device for self-improvement.

Each day the participants were starting with some energizers, and after that they were focusing on this targets:
-to encourage youth to utilize music as educational device, also for social change,
– to change their own musical encounters, to create melodic abilities and to become familiar
-to energize their ability and build their self-confidence etc. with the variety of procedures to improve innovatively;  in sessions in a mixed group from each country
-to give suggestion about active youth contribution and to advance social incorporation through non-formal education, music and performance;
-to clarify diverse methodologies and viewpoints in music, also to exchange experiences and practices;
-to advance the Erasmus+ Program and non-formal education

Participants increased their knowledge with inventive workshops, outside exercises, debates and intercultural exercises so as to meet projects targets and help participants build up their talents and make music advancing positive change.

For the entire Youth Exchange, music was made by the participants using vocals, instruments and innovation, and the project finished with a final occasion with music performance, where the music, as well as the Erasmus+ Program and the projects’ results were be introduced.

During this youth exchange the participants through music were motivated to to take advantage of their abilities for spreading positive message and to make a good change in their society.