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Another successful Erasmus+ story: Youth Exchange ‘We Can’ in London (20- 28 February 2020)

Great venue surrounded by nature, 7 countries hanging out each other, working in mixed cultural groups creating projects – this is how we enjoyed during the YE ‘We Can’ which happened in London between 20 and 28th of February. Accommodated in Paccar Scout camp with roommates from mixed countries, participants experienced a cultural broadening of their knowledge, learning new things and customs, breaking stereotypes and widening their horizons.

The United Kingdom as a host welcomed North Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, and Italy. The days were filled with different workshops providing information and sharing experience on the topic of project management and Erasmus+ programme, and during the night participants had a chance to enjoy Intercultural evenings with lots of different dances, presentations, and food tasting.

The main aim of this project was to increase the entrepreneurial mindset of young people including young people with fewer opportunities and develop their competencies to realize international mobility activities with the support of Erasmus + Programme.

To achieve the project objectives, each day workshops were lead by the countries group leaders who prepared the programme previously and through different non-formal methods, they experienced all the steps of project management, had a chance to do networking, to learn by doing and to gain practical experiences that later can transfer to their peers and work on actual issues in their community. Lots of creative ideas were developed and worked, and we are happy to say that this project had a very successful flow.

Participants also had a chance during various sessions to deepen their knowledge on Erasmus+ programme and its possibilities.

During this project, participants had an opportunity to meet new people, to get international experiences and to make another life memory. The motto of this project was ‘Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus’.

Some of the words of participants summing up this youth exchange:

“Erasmus + projects are one of the best ways to meet new people and discover new cultures. All you have to do is apply and once you are there, you just smile, be honest and introduce yourself. Usually, you get as much out of the project as you’re willing to put in.”  – said Masa.

“This project was a unique learning experience and a great opportunity to learn new things about project management, project writing and to write an actual Erasmus + project, which was so challenging but super helpful task for me. I felt glad, that the facilitators were so experienced into the topic and were always there to answer all our questions, give us directions and constructive feedback.” – said Sofija

“The first day everyone was too closed and shy. I told myself this project would be nothing special. But there was a time when, like everyone, I started to relax, and people and the project turned out to be super interesting. And no, it was not for business, it was even more interesting how to create a project. Feeling proud of yourself creating a project that can change many people’s lives in the future is what this project taught me.”  – said Petya

So, did you get inspired to join the next Erasmus+ Youth Exchange?