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Youth Exchange “Screen Free”, 02 – 10 March, 2020, London – UK

One week project, started on 2nd and ended on 10th of March, in London, UK.  In this project, youth representatives participated from organizations from 7 different countries: UK, North Macedonia, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

In those 7 days, participants got to know each other, they worked on exploring the positive and negative sides of social media, and they were part of fun sessions where they had opportunity to show their acting skills, their opinion and to express their creativity.

Regarding the negative sides of social media they explored the topic about cyberbullying, violation of privacy on the internet, addiction of social media, disorder of mental health, spreading hate speech etc. They watched the movie “Cyberbully” which the participants analyzed deeply and discussed about the negative effects of social media.

But after that, they were focused on the positive impact that social media can bring like: creating campaigns for positive changes in local community and society, raising awareness for certain problems and events, collecting donations, promoting civic engagement, improved telecommunications, inspiration for opening new businesses etc.

Every day started with fun energizers, after which the participants participated in sessions actively with a good concentration in mixed groups. The sessions contained examples of young people’s everyday life, where they exchange different ideas from their countries.

The main thing that the participants learned during the sessions is that even if they are coming from the different countries, cultures and nationalities, they are facing similar problems, after which they focused on some ideas for resolving those issues.

In the end of every day they had fun activities like intercultural evenings where each country presents part of their history, traditions, music, dances and food, and after that they had time for social games where mobile phones were forbidden for few hours, etc.

In the end of the project participants went home with good memories, new knowledge, increased presentation skills, improved English language, new friendships that will last so many years, but also new love.