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6 reasons why you should take part in an Erasmus+ Project

Erasmus + Projects such as youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, study visits are a unique learning experience and a great opportunity for you. Here you can find some benefits of them:

You will make life-long friendships

You will get to know many people from different countries, and each person will inspire you differently.

Have you ever heard of the Erasmus family? You will become part of it!

Through one week or more together with other participants, you will create strong bonds, and most likely they will be your friends for life. You will visit each other, share opportunities, or plan reunions somewhere in the world.

It is good to know that you are just one Skype call away from your international family.

You will learn new things and develop new skills

When you are in an unfamiliar place, far from your home, then you have no other option but to learn how to deal with unexpected and sometimes challenging situations.

In these situations, you will have to believe in your capacity to face and solve any problem you might encounter. It will definitely boost your self-confidence.

Participants from an Erasmus + Projects have improved their personal and soft skills, self-confidence, boosted their creativity, their motivation, their intercultural understanding, and maturity due to their time spent abroad. The projects will also encourage you to take initiatives and become proactive, which is a big plus for future jobs.

You will develop a critical sense, understanding of others, self- assessment in the aspect of the personal area.

You will get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone, of course, is not always easy, neither is the decision to do so, but it will boost your personal and professional growth and make you proud of yourself!

Leaving your everyday routine and crossing barriers to travel abroad can really change your life and push your limits. Planning your trip alone, traveling to unknown places, meeting and interacting with different people will definitely help you to learn a new culture, to absorb life values and experiences.

This experience firstly will make you speechless, but then will turn you into a storyteller. 

You will travel to places you never know existed

One of the most popular reasons to participate in an Erasmus+ Project is that you will have the opportunity to travel abroad, and visit big cities like Paris, London, Rome, but also some smaller breathtaking places you never knew existed.

You will enrich your CV

From an academic point of view, Erasmus + offers you an additional educational and cultural experience you wouldn’t otherwise be able to gain, which will enhance your CV and it does look great in it, as a lot of employers will choose graduates who have some kind of international experience.

After each project, you usually receive a YouthPass Certificate, which will help you with future scholarships, traineeships, and employment.

Break some stereotypes

When you spend some time in a multicultural environment, you will learn a lot from other cultures. Having contacts with people from different places, different backgrounds, and different mindsets will help you eliminate some of the myths about some countries, and some preconceptions you had about different cultures. This will also make you more tolerant and understanding.  One of the best benefits of Erasmus Projects is precisely that you will learn how to be open-minded towards other people. Eventually, be sure to apply for your next Erasmus + Project, and continue the list of its benefits by yourself.