My Culture Pal Longer Final Poster

My Culture Pal

Type of Activity: Intercultural online project

PLACE: Zoom platform

AGE: 18 – 25

COUNTRY: Republic of North Macedonia & Turkey

LANGUAGE: Conversational English

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NOTE: Interested participants can fill in the application form no later than 10th May 2021.

‘My Culture Pal’ is implemented in frame of the project Regional Network for Cultural Diversity (READ) funded by the European Union.

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In today’s globalized world intercultural competence is rated among the most important skills valued by employers. However, the ability to adapt and collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds it’s a skill that must be practiced with interaction. Thus, this project seeks to provide young people from Republic of North Macedonia and Turkey an opportunity to open their horizons towards another culture with peer-to-peer learning given the Internet and today’s technologies. Understanding and acceptance of differences is the stepping stone towards building cultures of peace and unity, therefore this project will be adding a piece to that puzzle by empowering a next generation of open-minded, educated and aware young people.


  • to increase intercultural competencies among young people residents of Republic of North Macedonia and Turkey from remote areas by enabling online interactions between them,
  • to promote new and innovative ways of peer-to-peer learning where 80 young people will be able to socialize, learn, collaborate, exchange experiences and ideas, as well as, break down stereotypes and prejudices in a fun and creative way through the use of online apps and digital tools.