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The eight participants of the four entities involved in the project meet each other from 2nd to 6th November inside the space of the Center Esplai in Barcelona to discuss the progress of the project so far and to organize the next phase.

The feeling was generally positive about the first phase in which the participants got together online to get to know each other and learn about the music technologies they will use during implementation of the project. Also, a focus was put on the aspects to be improved concerning the first phase, but the unforeseen events did nothing but motivate the workgroup even more.

During the working week, the points of the artistic mobilities that will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Toulouse (France) in January and April 2022 respectively, were defined by organizing the logistics and content. It will not only be rehearsal room and jam sessions for the twenty participants who will meet during the mobilities, but also non-formal activities and training around the musical ecosystem, increasing the exchange of knowledge within the project.

Having established the final details for the dissemination of #CreaYouth activities, it remains only to verify the impact that will have on the young participants and their world, but also on the surrounding environment. In addition, there was an opportunity to visit the Polidor (Centre de Producció Cultural i Juvenil Polidor), the space planned to host the ME3 in June 2022.

Both coordinators and mentors, had the opportunity to participate in an Open mic evening in which the mentors from Spain and France arranged a musical/poetic duo performance merging their arts and entertaining all present. A perfect example of how music and art create links by crossing every barrier and proves the functioning of the #Creeayouth project.