Youth Exchange “Get Aware What You Wear”, 13.11-22.11.2021, Fethiye,Turkey

 Th The Youth Exchange “Get Aware What You Wear”, was realized thankfully to 35 young participants accompanied by 7 youth leaders from 7 European countries. Partners from the United Kingdom, Portugal, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Sweden had an aim to raise awareness among participants of the problem of fast fashion and over-buying clothes. Another objective was to promote sustainable & responsible living and buying by providing them with knowledge in terms of sustainable fashion and environmental protection.

 “Once people become knowledgeable and passionate about ecological issues and see how their day-to-day actions impact the future, they don’t go back.” was the main motto of this youth exchange. The knowledge that participants gained came through research, discussions and presentations. Besides that, creative workshops were held and participants learned practical skills on how to recycle clothes, repair and redesign them through sewing and embroidering. The whole process of remaking, redesigning was a great way to emphasize the importance of the impact and pollution fast fashion has on the environment and raise awareness about the need for more sustainable consuming habits.

Participants got to learn a lot of ways  to become responsible consumers, such as: what a ‘capsule wardrobe’ is, how they can make one themselves and its significance, also how to redesign a t-shirt in many variations – into a pillow case, bag, skirt. Another memorable thing for everyone will be the inevitable, but joyful cultural nights, where the teams presented their culture through a presentation, kahoot quiz, dance and other activities  and after that, through their food and drinks.

These 7 days in Fethiye, in an intercultural environment, were dedicated to exploring and learning the entire concept of sustainable fashion and hopefully inspired the participants to become ambassadors of green change and develop future national and international initiatives.