Touch the Soul – Youth Exchange in Allarmont, France

From 30th January until 7th February, 10 participants representing Youth Council Next Generation took part in the Youth exchange ‘Touch the Soul’ implemented in Allarmont, France. The project was directed towards gathering 50 young people from France, N. Macedonia, Turkey, Lithuania and Romania in order to use music for spreading peace, nonviolence and tolerance among youth. Thus, throughout the Youth exchange different non-formal educational methods were used, such as name games, ice-breakers, team-building games, as well as interactive presentations about the Erasmus+ Programme and Youthpass certificate. Besides that, various creative workshops took place including individual and group work where participants had an opportunity to develop skills in the area of music, dancing, performance, leadership, social change, etc. Also, every day each country was hosting an intercultural evening where participants where sharing their traditions, music, dances, food and drinks which added value to the intercultural learning of the project. Given all that, the activities led to an original and unique musical creation showing how music can break down barriers between cultures, languages, stereotypes and backgrounds. Take a look of what was going in Allarmont, France during the Youth exchange ‘Touch the Soul’