‘Sea Level – It Matters’ – Martinique

From 1st of February until 9th February, 25 participants representing United Kingdom, Martinique, North Macedonia, Sint Maarten and Italt took part in the Youth exchange ‘Sea Level – It Matters’ implemented in Fort-de-France, Martinique. The main aim of the youth exchange was to create an intercultural experience for 25 people coming from 5 countries, to raise awareness and influence communities about climate change and rising of the sea level on local, national and international levels; Thus, throughout the Youth exchange different non-formal educational methods were used, such as name games, ice-breakers, team-building games, as well as interactive presentations about the Erasmus+ Programme and Youthpass certificate. Also, each country was hosting an intercultural evening where participants where sharing their traditions, music, dances, food and drinks which added value to the intercultural learning of the project.

The oath we will make

As I write I am looking over the coast of Martinique, I look at the sea with awe and fear as I know that when the sea rises, this land will be no more. And I thought about the desert land my hometown would be and the tropical sea we would see in the Northern Pole.
These are the consequences our species is going to witness if we don’t join together and work for the best, and unfortunately, that is the only way our species would survive.
PCOP26 passed, decisions were made and yet the most important players were accorded the minimum wage, this tells us how little the situation is understood and how much work it has to be done.
The action has to be taken locally before globally, and the problem has to speak to every single human heart, feel the responsibility of our homeland’s future, our children’s future.
Start from small things, grow your own food, travel on buses, close the tap when you’re done with your dishes
And work, work with your politics, speak to their heart as the problem spoke to yours, this is where the change will happen, and it will start from you, and it will be beautiful.
We have to decide the oath we will take with the future generations, the promise of a beautiful land, prosperous and welcoming, the land they deserve. -Francesco, Italy