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Youth Exchange ‘Inspiration’ 16 – 24 February 2022 Hamar Norway

Youth exchange “Inspiration” Gåsbustua,Hamar Norway In Gåsbustua, Hamar, Norway from 16 th  of February until 24 th  February, 60 participants from United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Norway, Romania, Turkey and Lithuania participated in Youth exchange “Inspiration”. The goal of this Youth exchange was to gather youth from 6 different countries and cultures in order to overcome stereotypes and prejudices and build a bridge between young people from different countries, cultures, traditions, customs, religions and reflections. The project provided support for social and personal development of youth through music, dance and creative expression, is of crucial importance for them to increase their intellectual, moral, and emotional capacities in order to act as effective multipliers as role models in the society.
Secondly, this project improved the intercultural competencies, knowledge about every country and their preferences, values, beliefs, social issues and civil freedom as well. Intercultural competencies were improved by presenting traditional dances, traditional food and dishes, traditional drinks traditional dress, etc.
During the Youth exchange participant have learned more about the Erasmus+ programme, Erasmus+ families, how to write an Erasmus+ application, objectives of Erasmus+, 8 competencies of Erasmus+ and more information about logistics things like how to find partners to collaborate with and how to coordinate a project.
The importance of formal, non-formal and informal education and the differences between these forms of education and how to recognize the forms in real life. Throughout this Youth exchange different types of non-formal educational methods were used, such as energizers, icebreakers, team-building activities, interactive presentations, etc.
The main objective of this Youth exchange  were digital competencies with focus on video editing, using digital tools and media, attitudes towards strategic use, openness, critical understanding, creativity, accountability and independence. The participant had an amazing opportunity to show their acting and drama skills, dance moves and dances.