Tortona Featured

Training Course C1 “EduGames vs Radicalisation”, 24-30.03.2022, Tortona, Italy

A Training course took place in Tortona, Italy. Participants from Italy, Spain, Estonia, and North Macedonia collaborated together on creating ideas for building interactive games that could support the educational process and fight against radicalisation

Educators, Researchers, and Youth workers were the backgrounds of most participants, which is a perfect combination when it comes to brainstorming and creating educational tools and games with intention and a message

This project tries to address the radical issues dividing young people in Europe, promoting the empowerment of young people to participate actively and constructively in society. Through educational games, young people will begin to better understand the political context, as well as better, understand the democratic process and how decisions are made, which, in turn, empowers them to influence the decision-making system through active citizenship.

The first training event in Tortona has been successfully realized 

During the first few days of the training, the focus was mainly on the topic of Radicalisation. Through engaging activities and thought-provoking exercises we found out what are the most significant issues, and also thought of ways on how to tackle them through our educational games that are about to be developed

Additionally, we had an amazing opportunity to meet the development team, and with them discuss the ideas, limitations, and process of making a game that’s easily usable, available, and with a purpose behind 

On the last days, all the participants shared how they felt, how they have improved their skills and critical thinking, and they went home with many ideas of how they can contribute to the successful realization of the next parts of this project