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Youth Exchange “Play 4 Yourself, Act 4 Society”, 16 – 28.02.2022, Parnu, Estonia

A Youth Exchange focused on critical thinking, active citizenship, and acting, consisting of 25 participants and 5 group leaders from 5 countries, took place in Parnu, Estonia. People from Belgium, Estonia, North Macedonia, Croatia, and Spain worked together towards a common goal.

At the end of our journey “Play for Yourself, Act for Society” we created a theatre simulation that all the participants played in front of а local Estonian audience

The way the knowledge was transferred to the participants was through unique and very interesting ways of non-formal learning. Improv games, group activities, coaching sessions, self-learning, and educational games that were especially useful for participants with fewer opportunities.

Through creative activities, attention was also given to several important competencies such as entrepreneurship, digital competencies, mathematical competence and competence in science & technology, literacy competence, social, and learning to learn competences 

Agreeing to disagree, and trying to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes was one of the main messages that the project wanted to equip the participants with. The theatre play that the participants created themselves from scratch also focused on the same topic

On top of that many of the activities also had a focus on personal development and self-discovery and helped the participants find direction in their lives and help them build a better and more sustainable future for themselves.

The participants of the project learned to look at controversial issues through a different point of view in an easier and more practical way and tried to understand, integrate and fight for what’s right in a way that’s respectful and fair

Testimonials from participants from the Macedonian team

Hristijan Kaimovski

Hello, I am Hristijan Kaimovski, I am 21 years old and I am a student at the Faculty of Law. From 16th to 28th February we(youngsters) from Macedonia, Croatia, Georgia, Belgium, and Estonia participated in an Erasmus project in Parnu, Estonia “PLAY FOR YOURSELF ACT FOR SOCIETY”.

I spent wonderful days there where I had the opportunity to meet new people, share experiences, learn about new cultures, and visit beautiful places. 

We participated in activities such as workshops, exercises, debates, and role-plays through which we learned more about critical thinking, fake news, and acting.

It was such a great experience and I really recommend everyone to have an experience like this that they will remember for a lifetime.

Andrej Saltamarski

Hello, my name is Andrej Saltamarski and I’m 21 years old. From 16th to the 28th of February I participated in the Erasmus project “PLAY FOR YOURSELF ACT FOR SOCIETY” in Parnu, Estonia. 

On the project, I met many people from different countries, learned more about their culture and tradition, and visited many places. Also, we had a lot of activities such as debates, acting, critical thinking, and fake news which helped me improve my skills.

This was my first project and it was a great experience and motivated me to participate in other projects in the future.

Tifani Stojcheska

My name is Tifani and I am a software engineering student who is passionate about programming, reading books, and traveling. 

Recently, I was on a youth exchange in Estonia and it was an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much during those 12 days. 

I really enjoyed the cultural evenings when I learned more about other countries, and their culture and enjoyed trying some of their food and drinks.

Andrej Andonov

This was one of the richest experiences for me. Together with all the participants from the other countries we created a family-like environment that enabled us to learn together about active citizenship, critical thinking, and acting. The workshops and sessions positively surprised me. They were very powerful and insightful and they helped me think more clearly and improve my decision and judgment-making process a lot.

Additionally, I really enjoyed Estonia, Parnu, Tallinn, and learning about its traditions. I loved the snow, the skiing, the sauna tradition, and the beautiful forests. But out of everything, what I appreciate the most is the friendships we managed the create and the opportunity I had to broaden my mind just through listening and observing how other people think, and live from different cultures

A chance to be part of a project like this is worth everything in the world. If you ever get one, just go for it and don’t think twice, you’ll thank yourself later.