Youth Exchange “Love goes louder, Kindness goes viral” 11-19 April 2022 – Gerrards Cross, UK

London was hosting another amazing group of young people coming from 7 countries, enjoying and spending active time in the beautiful venue in Paccar Scout Camp, working in mixed cultural groups. This activity happened in Gerrards Cross between 11-19 April 2022. During these 7 days, participants experienced a cultural broadening of their knowledge, learning new things and customs, breaking stereotypes, and widening their horizons.

The United Kingdom as a host welcomed North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The days were filled with different workshops providing information and sharing experience on the topic of project management and the Erasmus+ programme, and during the night participants had a chance to enjoy Intercultural evenings with lots of different dances, presentations, and food tasting. 

The main aim of this project was to provide space to young people to learn about cyberbullying, to raise awareness of the problem around them and make young people aware, to see what young people can do to prevent cyberbullying and to protect themselves on the internet, to learn how to recognize cyberbullies and get aware what to do if cyberbullying happens, and last but not least – to learn how to use digital skills in order to create campaigns to raise awareness on the topic, but also to deepen their knowledge on Erasmus+ programme, to get to know more people and other cultures, and make new friendships and contacts.

To go deeper into the project, every day a country was responsible for the cleaning activities and for the journal of the project. 

The morning started with an always super great breakfast to wake us up… but it was not enough! At the usual time we met up in the educational room and continued our awakening by playing a chairs game with music and always so many laughs.

It seems there was a kind of fierce but at the same time healthy competition between Serbia and Spain… However Serbia was the winner in the end! (Big Applause for Serbia).

Afterward we started our first activity: Theater!

The task consisted of creating a scene in groups about cyberbullying and acting it in front of the rest of the squad. Each time one of the crowd clapped his/her hands twice, the scene stopped and one of the actors was replaced, thus modifying the script. 

Basically, we needed to find a solution to the cyberbullying problem if there was something wrong in the scene. It was a funny and very efficient learning style. 

Then, it was the time to work on the meaning of some words related to cyberbullying while the Italian team was serving their friends with some refreshments.. The most amazing thing was the way in which refreshments were asked because words were forbidden… For example, if they wanted a coffee, they would have to give the waiter/waitress a hug! 

After lunch, we all met in our educational room to watch a video about Tedx! What we had to do during the afternoon was prepare a speech or a personal life story to tell in front of the squad during the evening.

Therefore, after dinner we all came back to listen to our beautiful people. It was a tearsome and emotional night where everybody opened their hearts.