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Youth Exchange ‘Let’s go zero waste together’ 13-22 July 2022 Struga, North Macedonia

The week from 13. 07.- 22.07.2022, another successfully implemented project under the Erasmus+ Programme, the youth exchange ‘Let’s go zero waste together’. It gathered together, 56 participants from seven European countries: Sweden, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Spain and Romania in Struga, North Macedonia. 

The project was based on making a change  together by involving participants in a zero-waste challenge for the duration of the mobility, plus one more week upon their return home from the project. 

The participants took part in many different workshops based on non-formal education for raising their awareness on zero waste lifestyle through enabling  better understanding about the concept of reducing and reusing, throughout the youth exchange. 

As a result of the project, the participants created a ZERO WASTE GUIDE FOR YOUTH PROJECTS which provides innovative and digital tools for implementing zero waste projects available for download on the project’s website.

Participants took part in a few local activities in the amazing city by the lake – Struga, as well. They had an opportunity to visit cultural heritage places, natural treasures like Ohrid Lake and River Crn Drim.