YOUTH EXCHANGE “CreActive Youth Participation in the Community”

6–14.05.2022 – Niš, Serbia

One week youth exchange started on 6 and ended on 14 of May, 2022, in Hotel Niš City View, in Niš, Serbia. In this project 42 youth representatives from organizations participated from 7 different countries: Youth Association Bell (Serbia); Youth Council Next Generation (North Macedonia); Copenhagen Vibration (Denmark); Young Folks (Latvia); The Rising Stars (Italy); Next Generation (France) and Mano Europa (Lithuania).

In those 7 days, participants got to know each other, they tackled the topic of creative activism and youth participation, they worked on exploring the positive sides of them, they were part of fun sessions where they had opportunity to show their acting skills, their opinion and to express their creativity, they had many discussions, simulations, and other workshops.

The main aim of youth exchange “CreActive Youth Participation in the Community” is to increase young people’s awareness of the effects and impact that creative activism and youth participation can achieve. We want also to empower young people to be leaders in their local community and to open critical debate on the importance of certain issues through creativity and art.

Every day was starting with fun energizers, after which the participants participated in sessions with a good concentration in a mixed groups. The sessions contained examples of young people everyday life, where they exchange different ideas from their countries.

In the end of every day they had fun activities like intercultural evenings where each country presents part of their history, traditions, music, dances and food, and after that they had competitions in dancing, karaoke, and night for social games, etc.

In the end of the project participants went away with good memories, new knowledge, increased presentation skills, improved English language, and new friendships that will last so many years.