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“Wear The Change” – another Youth Exchange successfully implemented in Struga

Another great project was just implemented in the beautiful city of Struga in North Macedonia. The topic was attractive for 42 young people who showed great interest and produced great results during these 8 days. Partners from 6 countries: Sweden, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece gathered and implemented a project that will stimulate youth active participation, intercultural learning, critical thinking, understanding, and increasing awareness of important global issues like global warming, pollution, use of natural resources, exploitation of workers and natural sources, and values such as human rights, equal opportunities, ethical mindset, wellbeing.

The project activity was implemented between 10 – 19.08.2022. Participants had the opportunity to be accommodated in hotel Solferino, with a beautiful working environment next to the lake,  and have roommates from other countries, which made their experience more adventurous and cultural. 

Macedonia as a hosting country had a lot to offer on the topic of the project. A local experiences like visiting handmade workshops, second-hand stores, eco workshops, etc contributed towards getting experience, raising awareness but also raising the motivation of participants to start something on their own.

The main aim of “Wear The Change”  was to encourage young people to be critical of fashion trends ongoing and raise awareness of the fashion industry’s traps (fast fashion, the negative impact it has on the environment, the cause for pollution, the use of natural resources). In today’s modern world, fashion trends are changing very fast, people are triggered to buy clothes to follow the trends, to be fashionable, to buy because they are cheap and they need them and we face over-buying clothes. With this project, we want to promote sustainable & responsible living and buying by providing them with knowledge in terms of sustainable fashion concept and environmental protection, practical skills in remaking, redesigning, repairing, and upcycling clothes, and to encourage them to make ethical changes and become responsible consumers. To become ambassadors of the green change and develop future national and international projects.

This project aimed to introduce young participants to eco-friendly alternatives of clothes like second-hand shops, handmade clothes with natural ingredients, clothes swaps, etc. and young people to understand the value but also the costs that each cloth is causing: the use of natural resources to be produced, the use of the cheap workforce, the damage it causes after its thrown on landfills.

Participants also had a chance during various sessions to deepen their knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme and its possibilities.

During this project, participants had an opportunity to meet new people, to get international experiences, and to make another life memory.