Testimonial O

Testimonial from our members regarding the project “Health is the first Step to Empowerment”

Kristina Conkinska,

Hello. My name is Kristina Conkinska, and I am coming from a small town in Macedonia. In my town I don’t have enough possibilities to travel abroad and meet people from another cultures. I was really happy when I was selected to participate in this youth exchange. During these days I had opportunity to learn more about healthy habits in another cultures and meet their customs and traditions.

Sara Mitevska,  Macedonia

I am Sara,  I am really happy to be able to participate in this project and learn more about other people cultures. This is my first youth exchange and I am happy to participate because in my town we don’t have a chance to be part of Erasmus plus projects.

Aleksandar Georgievski, Veles, Macedonia

I am Aleksandar, a student from village called Caska, near Veles. I heard for Erasmus plus from a friend and I decided to apply and take the possibility to meet new people and cultures. I am happy to be part. This project really helped me to realize the importance  of healthy eating, and sports.