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There is no better time than now to start living healthy

This was the message that inspired 60 young people coming from 6 different countries, in the period between 10-19 March, 2019 to gather in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Participants from Sweden, North Macedonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey successfully implemented the youth exchange “Be Positive- Be healthy” cofounded by Erasmus Plus programme. The primary goal was discussing and finding ways on how to motivate young people to live a healthy lifestyle, and exploring realities from participants countries. Through healthy cooking and workout activities, in duration of 8 days the participants gained better understanding of the importance of living healthy lifestyle.

The project was implemented by the Swedish NGO “Positive YOU(th)” and other partners involved in the projects were: The Rising Stars – Italy, Just do IT- Poland, Youth Council Next Generation- Macedonia, Academy of success- Bulgaria, and Youth Season Association from Turkey.

During this project members from the NGO’s of the participating countries came together to identify the problem the youth has nowadays, discuss those issues and find solutions, all the while inter-connecting through practical informal learning and experience exchanging.

Small changes in our lifestyles can make a positive impact and huge difference and all the participants left Sweden with nice memories, willing to share the lessons learned with the peers from their communities.

This project was financed by Erasmus + Programme.