Youth Organization Next Generation is non – profit, NGO founded in February 2010. Main goal of the organization is to give non-formal educational possibilities to the young people, to promote the idea of volunteerism, intercultural sensitivity and to contribute to development of young people full potential. We are trying to help and give the right resources and basics knowledge to young people and youth workers understanding the concept of intercultural sensitivity and promote the idea of multiculturalism for people with fewer opportunities.

We provide training and financial support for young individuals for better development of the democracy and values of civil society. In our office, 4 people staff working on our local projects and choosing right participants for international projects, based on the project aims and their learning needs and motivation. Next Generation cooperate with many organisation from South East Europe and EU on projects within Erasmus + and other programmes of EYF, EU or other international foundations with topics:  active participation, social inclusion, youth activism, European awareness, youth Leadership trainings.

Our mission is to create opportunities for young people, promote exchanges between students from different countries, summer and winter camps for better understanding of culture and traditions of other nations.

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