Our mission is to empower young people to develop their capacities through providing national and international non-formal education opportunities while promoting European values, for building a next generation of educated and aware young people ready to take active participation in the decision making process in society.


Next Generation envisions a society with competent, proactive, and socially responsible young people.


We are the Next Generation everyone is talking about!



Youth Council Next Generation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in February 2010 in Skopje, the Republic of North Macedonia. Next Generation is empowering youth participation through implementation and support of projects and initiatives directed towards youth development in our local, as well as a national and international community. The foundation of our organisation lies in the experience of its members in youth work, non-formal education, active participation and social activism, who joined together to enable learning mobility opportunities for young people in order to evolve in educated and aware persons who actively participate in society. In other words, we are seeking to contribute in creating a generation of youth equipped with competencies, values and attitudes of active and responsible citizens, through enabling participation in youth projects and activities covering different social topics. 

Our specific objectives are set as follows:

  • to promote active citizenship through enabling volunteer opportunities for youth in different fields, on local, national and international level,
  • to support the implementation of youth projects and initiatives for the development of competencies among youth to increase their opportunities in life,
  • to encourage intercultural encounters of young people through promoting participation in voluntary mobility projects and activities,
  • to promote non-formal education and to contribute to its wider recognition and quality implementation,
  • to raise awareness about the role of youth as a driving force in the society and to support their active participation in the decision-making processes,
  • to promote adopting European values among youth, such as personal freedom, solidarity, human dignity, active civil society, diversity, democracy and the rule of law,
  • to fight youth unemployment by implementing and supporting activities directed towards acquiring skills, knowledge and positive attitudes among young people,
  • to support the idea of volunteerism for acquiring valuable life skills and promoting social responsibility among youth.

Youth Council Next Generation is working towards developing, implementing and supporting projects and initiatives directed towards youth development and active participation. Also, the activities of our organisation are directed to promote volunteerism and youth mobility opportunities for learning, given the principles of non-formal education. Most often, our projects are covering topics for raising awareness among youth about different social issues impacting our local and global society, such as gender equality, hate speech, human rights, cultural diversity, healthy lifestyle, etc. 

We are developing youth projects within Programmes offered by domestic and international funds and donors. Given our target group and field of work, most of the projects supported and implemented by our organisation are developed under the Youth in Action and Erasmus+ Programmes. In fact, we have been acting as an applicant and hosting organisation, as well as a partner organisation on different projects tackling topics related to youth. Given that, so far we have implemented 3 short term projects – 2 Youth exchanges and 1 Training course in Struga, Republic of North Macedonia, and also 1 Erasmus+ Sport project. Even more, we have been participating as a partner organisation on 12 long term projects – 3 of which ‘Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia’, 4 ‘Partnerships for Creativity and Culture’ and the other 5 ‘Capacity Building for youth in neighboring and enlargement countries’. Some of the mobility activities as part of the Capacity Building projects were also implemented in Struga, the Republic of North Macedonia, such as 2 Training courses and 2 Seminars. In addition, Next Generation has been participating as a partner organisation to more than 80 youth projects implemented under the Youth in Action and Erasmus+ Programmes. In this regard, we have sent more than 700 young people to participate in youth mobility projects in more than 20 countries in Europe and South America. 

Youth Council Next Generation is supporting local actions and initiatives as well, including taking part in NGO networking events, conferences and other relevant meetings organised by local authorities or other institutions and organisations. Thus, for the realization of our activities, we are often collaborating with local and national NGOs and public bodies. Also, once a month we are organising outdoor events for promoting healthy habits among youth, such as hiking, biking, running, etc. For more information about the activities and projects of Next Generation visit our NEWS tab.