Project Reference: 602602-EPP-1-2018-1-XK-EPPKA2-CBY-WB
Country: Kosovo
Type of Project: Capacity Building for youth in neighbouring and enlargement countries

OAPA implemented capacity building project ‘Stand Up for Human Rights: From Knowledge to Advocacy’ in 2017. The project included partners from the Western Balkans (Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro) and Programme countries (Republic of Macedonia, Latvia, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria and Croatia). During the project the participants addressed various issues in area of human rights and human rights education. Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to work on new project ideas and project proposal ‘Advocacy for Human Rights: Share to Change’ is result of their work.Main goal of the project ‘Advocacy for Human Rights: Share to Change’ is to increase competencies of the partners to create and to run effective campaigns and to raise awareness on actual human rights in their communities. The project goal is plan to be meet by reaching following project aims: to develop participants competencies in the field of campaigning for human rights; to equip participants by competencies to effectively use social media tools to run successful campaigns making the difference; to design and realize two mobility activities with aim to raise competencies of youth workers and leaders in the field of human rights campaigning; to create and deliver human rights campaigns targeting young people in the participant’s communities; to support cooperation between Programme and Partner countries of the Western Balkan and to provide the participants an opportunity to increase their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme and work on new projects ideas aiming to develop competencies of other stakeholders in area of human rights.The project will include two mobility activities (training course and seminar) that will take place in Prizren, Kosovo and Struga, R.Macedonia and series of capacity building activities – campaigns on human rights issues in participant’s communities in Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Estonia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Besides the campaigns the project will bring booklet of good practices on effective using of social networks and platforms in human rights campaigning.