Project Reference: 2019-2-DK01-KA105-060356
Country: Denmark
Type of Project: Youth workers mobility
Number of sent participants: 3

Social entrepreneurship is the use of start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. This concept may be applied to a variety of organizations with different sizes, aims, and beliefs. At times, profit-making social enterprises may be established to support the social or cultural goals of the organization but not as an end in itself. For example, an organization that aims to provide housing and employment to the homeless may operate a restaurant, both to raise money and to provide employment for the homeless. Bringing the concept of social entrepreneurship to Youth Workers is very important, and worth it. The main aim of the training course is to to train the youth workers and youth leaders in the concepts of social entrepreneurship and social innovations and their practical implementation as instruments for solving important social issues, that couldn’t be effectively solved with the conventional methods known. It will give the means of starting social enterprise to the participants and the young people they are working with in their every day work, on the other side by developing social entrepreneurship these same young people can benefit by taking part in newly created social businesses. Other objective of the training course, is the possibilities that the social entrepreneurship offers in tackling the youth unemployment, which is one of the biggest problems of the current European youth generation. We could summarize the main objectives of the project into the following main points:

– Real Exchange of good practices in the field, giving examples and sharing local experience from the participants’ countries.
– Local level Marking of the important obstacles to social entrepreneurship and in the countries that the participants are coming from and in European level.
– Exploring the possibilities offered by the European programmes for starting, popularization and promotion of social entrepreneurship and social innovations.
– Providing information for the most popular channels of funding of social enterprises and social innovations, like the different online platforms for fund raising and others.
– Erasmus + programme will be introduced, and the possibilities it gives for personal and professional development of young Europeans. Erasmus + projects to be developed during the training course.
– The participants will be introduced into real life examples of successful social enterprises, how can they be started and how to be sustainable.
– introducing set of tools and methods for work with young people with fewer opportunities and NEETs, with the aim to be used when the youth workers will work with their main targets once they get back home.
– Introduction of the concept of social entrepreneurship and short historical reference, inception of the idea of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. Evolutionary development of social entrepreneurship, awareness about the idea and its benefits in social aspect.
– Information about the possibilities of transnational cooperation in the field of social entrepreneurship in the borders and outside the European Union.
– Creating awareness about role of the social entrepreneurship as an alternative to classic employment and business entrepreneurship, and the use of social entrepreneurship as a tool to tackle youth unemployment in Europe.
– Making the participants multipliers of the ideas of social entrepreneurship.
– Making fundament for future partnership between the participating organization on non-governmental level as well as in the area of social initiatives and social innovations.
-Working on future projects ideas in the field of social entrepreneurship and their practical development, aimed at solving current social issues.
TC “Creating the Social Entrepreneurs of future Europe” will consist of one main activity which will be an 7 days Mobility of youth workers training and networking course that will take place in the city of Haderslev, Denmark, and will be held in the period 1-7.11.2019.
The training course will host 40 youth workers coming from Ptogramme countries: Denmark, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Lithuania, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Portugal, Hungary and Germany.
Ensuring gender balance is of highest priority for having successful project, develop creativity and providing quality of the methods used by trainers.
During our main mobility, the participants will be mainly in the age range of 18- 35 years old, but we don’t exclude the participation of older youth workers with greater experience which will meet the needs of the project. Every organization will have the task to choose at least male and female participant, which will contribute for the better gender balance. We will try to achieve equal gender balance on this project in general.
We at Youth Spectrumthink that introducing the idea of social entrepreneurship to the participants inthis project and the dissemination and multiplication of the project results in their countries, will havevery positive influence onto the European society in times of economical hardship and the search foryouth alternatives.
Traiing course will give important knowledge to participants about the social entrepreneurship and social innovations and their use for tackling the youth unemployment and the solving of vital social issues, which are not so effectively solved bythe conventional methods as pure NGOs, private business or government. Thanks to the practical part in the training, the participants will learn how to develop projects not only in the sphere of social business but also in the field of the Erasmus + programme. The training course will develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among the participants and this spirit will be multiplied in their work with young people from their local communities.
As a long term effect we could outline that the project results will be used in the work of the organizations involved. The results will also be disseminated at local and international level with the help of the NGO network we had built. Last but not least the project will ensure visibility on national and European level for the Earsmus + programme and the positive influence this programme has on the lives of European youth.
this project will produce: YouTube Channel with short videos, real life examples on social entrepreneurship, Booklet of Good Practices on Social Entrepreneurship, Online resource/materials portal – we will create word-press blog, with a lot of link, and PDF materials ready for downloading, 11 Dissemination events in partner countries for sharing the results, FB Page with Social Entrepreneurship Stories ad Short videos.