Project Reference: 2019-1-UK01-KA105-060578
Country: Turkey
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 10

Main goal of the youth exchange “Ecopreneurship” is to increase knowledge of young people on ecoentrepreneurship and encourage them to become future entrepreneurs addressing ecological issues.
We plan to achieve the main goal through following objectives:
– to raise understanding among participants and participating organizations about the concept of eco-entrepreneurship, its key elements;
-to increase knowledge of the participants on social entrepreneurship and key elements of entrepreneurship such as design thinking;
-to support sharing good practices all around the globe and raise interest of the participants to apply new knowledge in practice and develop own eco-enterprises in the future;
– to encourage the participants to share lessons learned during the youth exchange with their peers and to empower them to look for innovative solutions of ecological problems in their communities and countries;
– to provide participants an opportunity to create new partnerships and work on ideas for future projects that could be implemented with support of Erasmus + Programme.
We plan to implement youth exchange involving 60 participants, including participants with fewer opportunities, representing following countries: UK, Turkey, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. Participants will be young people strongly interested to address ecological issues and problems through the concept of eco-entrepreneurship, motivated to work in mix-intercultural environment on development their competencies.
Key results of youth exchange will be new project ideas developed by the participants, blog of the project and booklet of good practices giving anyone interested in eco-entrepreneurship an opportunity to learn about the concept, to get to new methods and tools used during the youth exchange. Moreover, youth exchange will bring local events in participant’s countries promoting Erasmus + Programme and encouraging young people to become future eco-entrepreneurs. In case of impact, youth exchange will have impact on directly involved participants and participating organizations. It will be an opportunity for the participants to develop new competencies and for organizations to increase quality of their activities and services, gain new ideas for future projects. Moreover, we believe that this youth exchange will bring new practices that the participating organizations (and not just them) will apply in their practices and share with others aiming to build more green and sustainable Europe and achieve settle goals of Europe 2020 strategy.