Project Reference: 589970-EPP-1-2017-1-MK-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA
Country: North Macedonia
Type of Project: Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia


Overall aim of the project ‘Enabling Youth Workers to Work in Intercultural Sensitive Environment’ was to train youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, social workers, etc. on use of the Milton J. Bennett model of intercultural sensitivity in their daily work and lives in order to improve their intercultural competence to work with different target groups including e.g. minorities, immigrants or Roma young people.


The project ‘Enabling Youth Workers to Work in Intercultural Sensitive Environment’ included three mobility activities (meeting, training course and seminar). The activities took place in Argentina, Republic of Macedonia and Denmark and reflected following project objectives:

– Getting acquainted with the theory of Milton J. Bennett: Developmental model of intercultural sensitiveness;

– Develop and improve intercultural competence through the model as recognising phases of the model: Ambiguity; Getting to know other culture; Understand other culture; Tolerance of differences; Acceptance of differences; Appreciation of diversity; Adaptation; Ability to function in other culture;

– Develop board game aiming to increase intercultural sensitiveness among young people, with special focus to be paid to the future EVS volunteers and young people taking part in mobility projects;

– Invent new Key Action 1 and Key Action 2 projects for young people and youth workers as youth exchanges and EVS for young people, trainings for youth workers on intercultural sensitiveness according to the proposals of Erasmus + Programme and capacity building activities for organizations;

-Promote Erasmus + Programme in the Partner Country, in Argentina together with raising awareness on the importance of European values and cooperation among involved countries.

Partners on this Projects are:

Danish intercultural Organization, Youth Council Next Generation, Asociation Civil Familia Gangitana de Rosario.

Besides mobility activities the project included visibility and dissemination activities including dissemination of key project products: booklet of good practices and board game on intercultural sensitiveness giving to young people getting ready for first mobility activity, future international volunteers, as well as young people living in diverse cultural environment an opportunity to develop their intercultural sensitiveness. Key project products and lessons learned are available on project blog, link:

Summary of the main results:

  1. Network between participating organizations ‘Next Generation’, Republic of Macedonia, ‘Danish Intercultural organization’, Denmark and ‘Asociacion Civil Famila Gangitana De Rosario’, Argentina strengthen through mobility activities (meeting, training course and seminar) and activities leading to creating board game on intercultural sensitivity and to other project products;
  2. Strengthen capacities of the organizations to implement international, regional and local activities, including activities implemented with support under Erasmus + Programme, KA 2;
  3. Raised capacities of 30 representatives of participating organizations through international mobility activities to effectively use the model of intercultural sensitivity at their work with young people;
  4. Board game based on model of intercultural sensitivity developed and available on following link:
  5. Booklet gathering lessons learned, good practices created and available on project blog, EU dissemination platform: