Project Reference: 2018-3-BG01-KA105-061199
Country: Bulgaria
Type of Project: Youth workers mobility
Number of sent participants: 3

The opportunities for young people in Europe’s isolated geographical areas are still significantly more limited than those of their peers in urban areas. NGOs working with young people and youth leaders have a significant role to play in developing the potential of these young people, as well as the region as a whole.

The idea for the implementation of the project “EntrepreRurial Leaders in Action” was born in our joint work with organizations with which we have worked for many years. All project partners expressed the opinion that there is a serious need for training of their youth workers on the topic of entrepreneurship and leadership in underdeveloped regions, especially since in some of the countries represented in the project, there are some of the least developed regions in the country. European Union.


The main goal of the project was to provide youth workers and youth leaders of partner organizations with a wide range of entrepreneurial competencies adapted to remote and isolated geographical areas, which they should transfer to the main target group in the face of young people in their local communities. The trained youth workers transferred the acquired knowledge and skills in their work with young people, thus increasing their opportunities for development in the field of entrepreneurship, developed their leadership qualities and chances for realization on the labor market.


As additional goals that we achieved during the implementation of the project, and especially during the mobility, we could highlight the following points:


– The participants were introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship, leadership and their application in sparsely populated and geographically isolated areas.

– The participants were introduced to new methods and tools of non-formal education, some of which were developed during the mobility.

– A number of opportunities for financing youth projects and projects in the field of entrepreneurship in rural areas were presented and discussed. Special attention was paid to European funds as a popular means of financing.

– Good practices in the field of youth entrepreneurship and leadership were shared by the countries participating in the project.

– The participants in the training acquired knowledge and skills in the field of development and implementation of Erasmus + projects

– Thanks to their participation in the training course, the youth workers became disseminators of the acquired knowledge and skills in their local youth community.


The main activity of the project was the training course for youth workers held in mid-June in the city of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. It consisted of 33 participants coming from 11 host countries Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom. The methodology of the training course was based on non-formal educational tools, and the participants were at the center of the training process. The goals and objectives of the EntrepreRurial Leaders in Action project are in line with the goals of the Erasmus + program and the Europe 2020 program.