Project Reference: 2019-1-DE04-KA105-017674
Country: Germany
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 8

Main idea of youth exchange ‘EU Future: Maybe?’ was brought by young people involved in local and international activities of the applicant who expressed strong interest to create a project that would provide them an opportunity to work on improvement of their competencies in intercultural settings and especially, project that would provide them a chance to gain deeper insight into European citizenship as fundamental concept of current Europe and that would provide them an opportunity to discuss and explore more about current European challenges e.g. Brexit, inclusion of refugees, raising radicalism and extremism.
Objectives of the youth exchange ‘EU Future: Maybe?’:
– To provide young people an opportunity to explore the key elements of European citizenship, the practices across Europe and especially in participating countries related to raising awareness of young people on European citizenship and common European values;
– To increase young people’s understanding of the challenges of current Europe and to debate possible solutions and responses;
– To strengthen young people interest in taking part in decision making processes at local, national and European level and to shape the future of the Europe;
– To increase competencies such as creativity, innovation, teamwork, leadership and problem solving by giving young people an opportunity to work intercultural teams and with people coming from different background and cultures;
– To deepen the knowledge of the participants on Erasmus + Programme and to encourage young people to take part in international mobility activities (youth exchanges, training course, volunteering activities).
We plan to implemented youth exchange involving 48 participants with following background:
-young people in age 18 to 30 residence of participant’s countries;
-strongly interested to concept of European citizenship, to debate actual European issues, to reflect on youth participation and involvement of young people in decision making processes;
-ready to work on social media content with aim to raise awareness of young people on the importance of addressing actual issues and being involved in debate on the future of the continent, learn how to create media content (videos, photos) and make their peers more active;
-motivated to take part in Erasmus + project, work in international team and share their experiences in follow up period;
– have communicative level of English and be able to take part in preparatory meetings, youth exchange and follow up activities.
Youth exchange ‘EU Future: Maybe?’ will have strong impact on directly involved young people who will increase their competencies (communication, teamwork, facilitation, problem solving) and knowledge on European citizenship and active youth participation. The participants of youth exchange will become empower to take active part in decision making processes and to contribute to the debate on future of the continent. Moreover, the youth exchange will have impact on involved partners that will strengthen their partnerships and have possibility to increase their capacities to add European citizenship and active youth participation in their activities. The project results will include FB page, videos and booklet of good practices.