Project Reference: 2019-3-DK01-KA105-074713
Country: Denmark
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 10

Objectives of youth exchange ‘Gender Equality Starts from You’:
-to increase knowledge of the participants on gender equality and mechanisms leading to creating
gender equal societies;
-to provide the participants an opportunity to reflect on own gender identity and the perception of
society towards different genders;
-to open the question of gender discrimination with special focus to be paid young people representing
-to develop competencies of the participants needed to address gender based stereotypes, prejudices
and discrimination, especially through social networks and events in their communities;
-to raise awareness of young people reached through blog, social networks and YouTube channel on
gender, gender discrimination and role of young people in the process of creating gender equal society
-to increase knowledge of the participants on Erasmus + Programme and to encourage the participants
to take part in youth mobility.
By reaching above mentioned objectives youth exchange ‘Gender Equality Starts from You’ will
contribute to creating gender equal societies and it will lead to gender empowerment of young people
in participating countries.
We plan to implement youth exchange with Programme Countries. Youth exchange ‘Gender Equality
Starts from You’ will include 60 participants representing following countries: Denmark,
Macedonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Spain. Youth exchange ‘Gender Equality
Starts from You’ will include as newcomers as young people who already took part in mobility
activities. Future participants of the youth exchange will have basic knowledge of English
(common language), interest to improve their communication skills and gain new competences
they can use in their lives for example at school or at work; strong interest in gender, fighting
gender discrimination, exploring gender realities in participant’s countries, in Erasmus +
Programme, working on new project ideas. Every national group will include 3 participants with
fewer opportunities. Most preferable age group will be participants in age from 18 to 25. If
partners decide they can also involve participants in age 26 – 30 but these participants should
not have in the national group majority.
Youth exchange ‘Gender Equality Starts from You’ will have impact on directly involved participants and
partners. They will increase their knowledge on gender, addressing gender-based discrimination. They
will develop new competencies, partnerships. Moreover, the project will bring new project ideas
ensuring project sustainability. Key project results will be project blog with materials, lessons learned
and stories, video interviews with participants done with aim to increase interest of young people in
gender and Erasmus Programme and especially ‘Booklet of Good Practices’ including description of
activities and available online in English.