Project Reference: 2018-2-UK01-KA105-048355
Country: Turkey
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 10

Youth exchange ‘HUMAN BEING’ was implemented by ‘AFROLUO’ in Istanbul, Turkey with contribution from all partners.
Dates of Youth Exchange (excluding travel dates): 20-28 April 2019
Participants countries: UK, North Macedonia, Turkey, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and France.
Number of Participants: 60 including group leaders.
Principle inspiration of Youth Exchange ‘’HUMAN BEING’’ was to raise comprehension of the participants on gender and gender related issues and to make the participants more gender sensitive. During the Youth Exchange the participants participated in lectures, exchanges, debates, simulations or theatre-based exercises.
Youth exchange ‘Human Being’ was implemented in line with following objectives:
– To raise learning of the participants on gender and gender related issues (gender mainstreaming, gender equality);
– To give the participants a chance to think about the substances in their nations and to recognize steps prompting gender equal society;
– To enable the participants to address gender inequality;
– To build community mindfulness on sexual orientation issues through mindfulness campaign made by the participants during the Youth Exchange;
– To build information of the participants on Erasmus + Program and to urge the participants to participate in youth mobility.

We believe that youth exchange ‘Human Being’ met its objectives and encouraged the participants and group leaders to address gender based discrimination and to contribute to creating gender equal societies.