Project Reference: 2018-3-UK01-KA105-059866
Country: Denmark
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 10

Youth exchange “Human Library: Human Rights Education in Practice” responds on the need to address social exclusion, discrimination and hate speech in participating countries. Through the youth exchange the participants will not just develop gain new knowledge on social exclusion, discrimination but moreover they will strengthen their skills to realize ‘human library’ event in their communities and directly contribute to process of creating socially inclusive society.

Objectives of youth exchange:

  1. a) To develop participant’s competencies in the area of human rights education and the methodology of human libraries;
  2. b) to raise participant’s knowledge on the process of realization of human library as a way of addressing stereotypes, prejudices and fighting discrimination;
  3. c) to empower the participants to contribute to creating socially inclusive society through the process of organizing ‘human library’ during the youth exchange;
  4. e) to develop participants competences such as teamwork, leadership, communication, presentation and to contribute to their personal and professional development;
  5. f) to raise intercultural competencies of the participants by giving them an opportunity to interact and work with young people coming from different European countries and also local community from the hosting country;
  6. g) to raise knowledge of the participants about Erasmus + Programme and its Key Action 1 and to encourage the participants to take active part in the Programme.
  7. h) to support creating network and partnerships between participating organizations, exchange of good practices among participating countries related to human rights education, social inclusion.

By meeting all above mentioned objectives the youth exchange will contribute to achieving goals of Europe 2020 strategy and Erasmus + Programme.

Set project objectives will be meet through activities based on variety of non-formal learning methods and techniques including discussions, debates, role plays, simulations, reflection activities, individual challenges, and group work in intercultural team. The activities will be tailored to the needs and interests of the participants, young people including young people with fewer opportunities, in age between 18 to 30 years.

The youth exchange “Human Library: Human Rights Education in Practice” will be realized from 21. 5. to 27.5. 2019, excluding travel days. It will connect 60 participants including group leaders coming from following countries: United Kingdom, Denmark, Turkey, Lithuania, Italy and Republic of Macedonia.

The youth exchange will have impact on several levels. On individual level it will contribute to development of competencies of the participants in the areas of social exclusion, discrimination and hate speech. The participants will gain new knowledge but also they will develop their competencies to realize ‘human library’ in their communities. The youth exchange will also have impact on the participating organizations. The organizations will benefit from new practices, possibility of networking and working on ideas for future projects fighting discrimination, social exclusion and hate speech. Moreover, the youth exchange will have impact on local communities of participating countries because ‘visitors’ coming from these communities will have chance to participate in future ‘human libraries’ and contribute to building socially inclusive society.