Project Reference: 589905-EPP-1-2017-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA
Country: Bulgaria
Type of Project: Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia


The project ‘NEETs in NEED’ was created in cooperaiton of partners coming from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Uruguay with main goal to activate inactive young people through non-formal based activities being delivered primary by non-governmental organizations with cooperation of all sectors. The project focus on raising competencies of the organizations to adress the needs of NEETs who can be consider to be one of the most vulnerable groups. In overall, the project is designed in line with following objectives:- To raise capacities of participating organizations and the participants to effectively address the needs and interests of NEETs in their communities and through implementing various activities involving representatives of other sectors to contribute to their full development;- To strengthen knowledge of the organizations and the participants on NEETs as diverse group of young people with very different profiles and level of motivation;- To raise the participants abilities to effectively include NEETs in their activities and motivate them to work on development of their competencies including the ones that they could apply in job seeking process or in the process of establishing own enterprise;- To support sharing lessons learned across participating countries and developing new tools that could be apply at their work with NEETs;- To increase participants understanding of the concept of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship and to develop participants abilities to work on development entrepreneurial competencies of NEETs, – To increase understanding of the participating organizations and the participants on Erasmus + Programme and encourage development of new project ideas addressing the needs of NEETs;- To develop set of competencies of the participants in area of teamwork, leaderships, communication and problem solving that they can apply at their working practices in the process of delivering more quality activities.The set objectives will be meet through series of workshops (capacity building activities) that will deliver each partner in their local communities and through four mobility activities (Coordination Meeting, two Training Courses and Seminar) that will be realized in Uruguay, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece respectively. 1.Developed pool of 4 youth organizations addressing needs of NEETs through following mobility activities including kick of meeting, two training courses and seminar;2.Strengthen capacities of the organizations to implement international and local activities under Erasmus + Programme, KA 2; 3.Raised capacities of 103 representatives of participating organizations through international mobility activities to address and to analyse the needs of the NEETs, to design and to deliver quality activities with aim to empower NEETs and support them in job seeking and educational process;4.Raised awareness of 230 representatives of local communities on the importance of working with NEETs through series of dissemination activities in form of local workshops in all participating countries; 5.Set of policy recommendations based on practices of involved countries created and available on project blog, link: 6.Booklet gathering lessons learned, good practices created and available on project blog, EU dissemination platform SALTO youth website, links: 7.Online platform created and available on following link: