Project Reference: 2019-3-DK01-KA105-074748
Country: Denmark
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 5

Main goal of youth exchange ‘Sustainability Loading’ is to increase environmental awareness and environmentally responsible behavior of the participants of our youth exchange by indirectly targetting the young people from the community of the participants reached through online dissemination activities and local follow up events.
Objectives of youth exchange ‘Sustainability Loading’:
-to increase knowledge on sustainability: the concept & meaning;
-to exchange good practices on sustainability focusing on youth;
-to inspire participants to live a more sustainable lifestyle;
-to raise knowledge on Erasmus + Programme, project management;
-to provide space for developing new projects, initiatives encouraging young people to live a more greener and sustainable life;
-to strengthen partnerships between the organizations and to create base for future cooperation.

Youth exchange ‘Sustainable Loading’ is reflecting the Europe 2020 Strategy aiming for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the objectives of Erasmus + Programme and national strategies of participating countries. Youth exchange ‘Sustainable Loading’ will especially support development of sense of imitative of young people. The participants will have space to work on new initiatives and ideas in framework of ecology and sustainable development. Also, youth exchange ‘Sustainable Loading’ will aim to increase critical thinking of young people and their active involvement in decision making processes with the aim to make their future more sustainable.
We plan to implement our youth exchange ‘Sustainability Loading’ involving young people from Programme countries. Youth exchange ‘Sustainability Loading’ will take place in Lejrskolen Høve Strand, Denmark and connect 56 participants from following countries: Denmark, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Republic of North Macedonia and Poland. Youth exchange ‘Sustainability loading will include 35 young people with fewer opportunities facing economic and geographical obstacles.
Target group of youth exchange are young people in the age group 18 to 25 (limited number of the participants will be in age 25 to 30) with strong interest in key topic of the project sustainability. Finally, we focus on having a gender balance.
The participants will get to know new competencies especially in the areas of sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable lifestyle, project management and Erasmus + Programme. They will improve set of competencies that they can apply in their daily life while studying or looking for a job e.g. they will have an opportunity to improve their communication and writing skill (in mother tongue and especially in English), their ability of self-expression as well as ability to work in intercultural team. We will encourage the participants become active citizens and share new competencies with other young people in their homes.
Participating organizations will raise their knowledge on sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals, project management, Erasmus + Programme, develop new contacts and strengthen the partnerships. Moreover, we believe that the participants will become motivated by youth exchange to take active part in life of their communities, thus the participating organizations will gain volunteers and members willing to share their knowledge with other young people around them and raise awareness on the importance of sustainability. Moreover, partners will have an opportunity to develop new projects and strengthen their position in their communities.
In long-term perspective we believe that local communities of participating countries, young people, youth workers, leaders, youth organizations will benefit from key project results: new projects based on ideas developed during our youth exchange, booklet of good practices including stories of participants, links to materials on sustainable development. Finally, we are sure that youth exchange ‘Sustainable Loading’ will encourage anyone reached to think about the importance to switching to more sustainable lifestyle and making a change that has great importance.