Project Reference: 2019-3-SI02-KA105-015284
Country: Slovenia
Type of Project: Study visit
Number of sent participants: 2

The Playbook is a study visit meant for youth workers, experts in the field of youth work and any person whose work is connected to youth work in their local community. The idea for the project came from youth workers that work closely with young people and have managed to recognise their need and desire to be included while spending their time in a non-formal environment. There will be 12 partners and 22 participants from 10 different countries; Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Spain, North Macedonia, Poland, Italy, Greece and Hungary. Slovenia will not have a group of participants since a group of 4 people will be in charge of implementing the activities in the project. Each of the partners will send 2 participants from an organisation with the exception of Armenia, where we have decided to invite 2 organisations to participate in the project. The participants will be aged 18+ and will come together for the study visit in Krško, Slovenia from 24.5.2020-30.5.2020 that will take place in the Youth centre Krško. The activities of the study visit will give the participants a new and creative insight into new methods that include NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), Theatre of the oppressed, Teambuilding exercises and preventive workshops on street work and will enrich their current work with new competences and skills that will enhance their work as youth workers in their organisation and community. The goals of the project are aimed at constructive yet affective knowledge exchange and the sharing of good practices from the field of preventive work and self awareness. Through intertwining formal and non-formal activities they will meet with representatives from the Municipality, other institutions and societies in order to establish a dialogue between those who work and have an impact on the youth in our community. Several visits will be made to those partners that deal and work with youth with lesser opportunities and have established daily centres and managed to dive deep into the art of street work. The emphasis of the project will be on the transfer of knowledge, skills and methods amongst partners and its application on participant’s daily work with youngsters. Through the entire study visit the participants will get the opportunity to transfer the theoretical part of the activities into the practical work in the daily centre, street work and the round table. The study visit enhances each individual’s self-awareness, encourages active participation and knowledge exchange by highlighting all the opportunities that come with being an active member of the EU. As a result of the study visit a notebook by the name of The Playbook will be created by the hosting organisation and all the partners involved in the project. This notebook will travel through Europe, from partner to partner until it reaches the hosting organisation again. The Playbook will include all the activities, articles, photographs and other materials from the events and different activities that the partners will produce after the conclusion of the study visit.
All the activities that are going to be conducted during the study visit are goal-oriented and strive towards a better valuation of youth work, knowledge, skill and experience transfer throughout Erasmus+ projects and will enhance the level of youth work in each organisation. The activities are set to allow the youth workers to experience new and creative work methods that encourage solidarity, active participation and inclusion in the local environment. Some of the activities that the participantc will participate in are NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), Theatre of the oppressed, teambuildings, preventive workshops on street work. They will set personal goals and the goals of their organisation in an effort to tackle the issues of inclusion, equal opportunities, oppression and work with youth with fewer opportunities. They will organise a round table talk with all the key organisations and institutions in Posavje region in order to establish a dialogue between them and create a mutualy beneficial plan to enhance youth participation. There will be 22 participants from 10 different countries, the only exception being Armenia, where we decided to cooperate with two organisations. The participants will be aged 18+ and will be skilled in the field of youth work, motivated, reliable and ready to share their knowledge through active participation. Each of them will represent their organisation in the best possible way, therefore, giving others an insight into the work they and their organisation are doing.
All who will participate in The Playbook study visit will leave Krško with a set of new skills, knowledge and methods in order to better their work as youth workers in their organisation. Since the participants will be involved in many activities throughout that encourage personal and professional growth the imapct on them will be the empowerment of them and their work as an active and valuable member of their organisation. They will leave the study visit with greater understanding of themselves and the environment they work in by applying new methods, skills and knowledge to their daily work hence lilfting the level of youth work itself. By being empowered they will be able to swuccessfuly transfer the knowledge onto the youth in their society thus enabling the spreding of effects of the project. One of the concrete results of the project is the personal diary that the participants will keep during the study visit. The diary will consist of their thoughts, ideas, mind set and evaluations of each activities. Another result of the project will be The Playbook notebook. The purpose of the notebook is to travel throughout Europe from partner to partner where each of the organisations will get the chance to inscribe their work after the study visit. It will contain ideas, methods, photographs and other materials from the workshops designed and executed by the partners in their organisation. By receiving the notebook they will get the chance to show and include the work methods and ideas from partners and different institution they work with therefore spreading the results and efects of the project throughout their community. Once the notebook comes back to the hosting organisation it will be used as a tool and an excellent way for the purpose of the disemination of The Playbook project.