Project Reference: 2018-1-DK01-KA105-046823
Country: Denmark
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 8

Project title; Woman, Man or Human
Date; 01/10 to 08/10 2018
Place: Nysted, Denmark
The youth exchange was hosted by Danish Intercultural Organisation and brought together 46 participants from 6 countries.
Youth exchange ‘Woman, Man or HUMAN’ raiseD understanding of the participants on gender and gender related issues and amde the participants more gender sensitive. During the youth exchange the participants took part in interactive lectures, discussions, debates, simulations or theater based activities and they worked on creating series of short movies on gender issues with aim to raise awareness among young people on gender and gender equality.
Objectives of youth exchange ‘Woman, Man or HUMAN’:
-to raise knowledge of the participants on gender and gender related issues (gender mainstreaming, gender equality);
-to provide the participants an opportunity to compare the realities in their countries and to identify steps leading to gender equal society;
-to empower the participants to address gender inequality;
-to increase community awareness on gender issues through awareness campaign created by the participants during the youth exchange;
-to increase knowledge of the participants on Erasmus + Programme and to encourage the participants to take part in youth mobility.

Youth exchange ‘Woman, Man or HUMAN’ contributed to creating gender equal societies, raising awareness among communities on gender based issues and moreover lead to gender empowerment of young people in participating countries.
Youth exchange ‘Woman, Man or HUMAN’ was based on different non-formal learning methods and techniques: getting to know techniques and methods to create open and supportive environment and break the barriers between the participants; discussion on the importance of gender equality, presentations of gender realities in participant’s countries, comparing the realities and identifying the roots of gender inequality, simulation with aim to gain better understanding of the consequences of gender inequality and the role of young people in the process of addressing it, work in mix-intercultural teams on the videos reflecting the gender issues across partners’ countries.
Key impact of the youth exchange was on individual level of the participants who will become more gender sensitive and ready to address gender based discrimination.