Project Reference: 2019-2-NO02-KA105-001487
Country: Turkey
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 10

Our human world is a mixture of people where each of us is biased with our own outlook on the world in which we reside. Thus, getting in touch with other cultures different from ours makes us understand ourselves better and appreciate cultural differences. Being interculturally competent represents a huge asset for both personal and professional life of people today. Therefore, the main goal of the project is to promote understanding and collaboration between countries and cultures using music, dances and other artistic forms as a tool for breaking down barriers between young people from different backgrounds. Given that, we want to show young people coming from different parts of Europe that they can combine their cultures, backgrounds and talents and create something unique with mutual effort. In that regard, participants will organise a Final public event where they will represent different cultures with performing music, dances, and other artistic activities in order to show locals how important is to appreciate cultural diversity. We want this project to serve as a positive example of what can be done by young people from different countries coming to work together towards a mutual goal. Given all that, the projects’ objectives are set as following:
● to explain different approaches and perspectives in culture, as well as to exchange experiences and practices;
● to provide opportunity for intercultural dialogue and to strengthen respect for cultural diversity;
● to transform participants’ musical experiences and to learn a variety of techniques to develop creatively;
● to give advice about active youth involvement and to promote social inclusion through non formal education, music and performance;
● to raise awareness among the local community about the importance of respecting cultural diversity;
● to empower participants to become more active in their daily life and to use their time qualitatively and usefully;
● to encourage their talent and build their confidence;
● to promote the Erasmus+ Programme and non-formal learning.
Furthermore, non-formal educational methods will be used, such as interactive presentations, open discussions, and various creative workshops including individual and group work, where participants will have an opportunity to develop skills in the area of culture, music, social change, leadership, teamwork, intercultural learning etc. The creative workshops must lead to an original and unique creation to show how the music can break down barriers between cultures, languages, stereotypes and backgrounds. We intend to encourage creation between participants from differents countries and artistic backgrounds. In that regard, participants will be strongly encouraged to bring their own instruments and musical equipment. Thus, during the whole Youth exchange participants will be performing music, traditional dances and other activities which will be promoted during the final public event, also organised by participants.
The target group of participants involved in this project will be 60 youngsters who want to acquire and advance skills, knowledge and competencies in the field intercultural communication, music, performance and cultural expression, given the principles of non-formal education. Those who sing, play instruments and dances, and practice video and photography will be strongly encouraged to join the project. Participants will be between 18 and 30 years of age, including the group leaders who will be 18+ years old.
Participants who will take participation to this project will be more aware of their own culture and backgrounds and will strengthen respect toward cultural diversity. Also, they will become more aware of their talents, strengths and weaknesses, but also through the non-formal learning methodology will learn how to put the gained knowledge into practice. Thus, participants will increase their creativity as well as will learn how to use their talents and be active members in the society working towards a positive cause. This Youth exchange will encourage youth in self-expression of their interests, emotions, passions and in passing through their ideas by executing a final public event with musical and artistic performance in order to show how cultural differences can be put to good use. Thus, we want to inform the local community about the project, the importance of respecting cultural diversity and about the Erasmus+ Programme. Through these activities they will gain better understanding about the Programme’s priorities and the young people’s role in it, as well as, about the importance of youth mobility situation in Europe and the significance of intercultural learning.
We seek to set an example of how young people can take advantage of their talents and use them to show other young people what can be done with collaboration between youngsters from different cultural backgrounds. Thus, we want to motivate other young people on local and European level to be proactive in their lives and in their communities. For that purpose, we expect the final public event to serve as an inspiration for local youth to use their passion and take positive action. Also, given our social media dissemination strategies we want to get to other people across Europe in participants countries and beyond. Given that, this project is designed to create international impact in regard to youth activism and to provide opportunities for participants to become potential multiplicators not only in their local communities, but also on international level.