Elena Tasheva has a broad experience in writing and delivering projects and is currently doing her Ph.D. in youth work. She has worked as a university assistant for a few years at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus where she has finished her Master’s degree in marketing. She also holds a bachelor’s in marketing management, as well as has attended the Presidential school for young leaders.

She is very experienced in youth work and delivering non-formal education, mostly focused on topics as social entrepreneurship, youth work, environment protection, project management, etc. Elena is always on the move and striving to connect two of her passions: education and traveling. She has attended more than 50+ local and international projects, as a participant and facilitator at first, and now as a project writer and trainer. In our organisation, she is responsible for writing and implementing youth projects, developing project plans, communicating with partner organisations and participants, coordinating local volunteers, and managing our social media channels.

Elena also works as a social media freelancer and is passionate about marketing, content writing, eco-friendly and environmental issues. In her free time she enjoys reading and crafting, and doing all activities related to spending time in nature, such as running, hiking and camping.