Kristina Dimitrova
is our program coordinator of international youth projects. She is writing, facilitating and implementing youth projects on different social topics within the Erasmus+ Programme, such as human rights,  migrants and minorities, intercultural learning and communication. She has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing management, as well as has finished one semester in Orlando, Florida (USA) related to hospitality and event management. Also, she has taken part in a one year European Voluntary Service (EVS) project in Aarhus, Denmark in an intercultural media house as a journalist and video/sound editor. Thus, her other responsibilities are mainly related to making contracts with third parties and taking care of different dissemination activities in mass media & social media in order young people to be well informed about the current issues of public concern, as well as of the educational and voluntary opportunities at their disposal.
She is interested in working with non-formal education and young people and is always striving to promote new opportunities for youth in the fields of volunteering and education. Kristina has participated in 25+ international projects as a participant, facilitator and trainer, and is always bringing high efficient and up to date information about different international projects for  young people. In addition, she is continuously searching for new partnerships with international organisations while at the same time respecting and maintaining professional relationships with our current partners.
She is passionate about being an event volunteer, traveling and meeting people from different countries & cultures, likes festivals and spending time doing outdoor activities, such as biking and camping.
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