Sofija Petroska is a financial management student with a broad experience in youth work. Since her high school years, she has been volunteering and organising different events, public debates, petitions, charities, etc., in Tetovo and Skopje. She has won first place in a regional debate tournament and a silver medal in a writing competition. She was a debate mentor and a debate jury for 2 years. Also, she has implemented a volunteering initiative about mental health and bullying in Skopje for combating the social stigma about these issues.
Sofija has taken part in more than 15 Training courses, Youth exchanges, and Seminars as a participant, as well as has acted as a group leader on few Youth exchanges implemented by Youth Council Next Generation. In our organisation she is also in charge of reporting, creating Info Packs & Booklets, writing web content, as well as recruiting and coordinating young people for participation in local and international projects.

She is passionate about languages, thus is currently learning German and Spanish, loves nature and hiking, reading books, and watching Netflix.