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Training Course “Employed and Successful in future Europe”, 22 – 29 November, 2019 – Sofia, Bulgaria

From the 22nd of November until 29th of November 2019, 33 people from 11 different countries gathered together for one amazing project in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Training course “Employed and Successful in future Europe”, hosted by Foreground Foundation in Sofia, Bulgaria finished awesome and it was very informative, interesting and fun. During this time, youth workers from 10 different organizations, from 11 countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Turkey and the United Kingdom, improved their knowledge in a lot in topics of concepts, assumptions and beliefs. Participants learned what the circle of creativities is, how to create projects, where to start from and how to get a result after. During the course they developed an understanding of working with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The main purpose of the exchange was to equip together youth workers, young leaders and stakeholders with skills, knowledge and competencies in the field of ICT. Throughout the week the participants had opportunities to develop business ideas, create web pages, digitalize their talents, learned about different ways of self-education online and they developed many skills and knowledge which will help them for their future and successful employment. The main thing that they learned through the workshops is that, although they all came from different countries, cultures and nationalities, they face similar problems, after which they focused on certain ideas for resolving those issues.

The most important is that they all gained new friends, so much experience, independence and life-long knowledge from this training course, and so far that has helped them gain a new found confidence at themselves and they realized that this training course has been a life changing experience.