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TC Social Entrepreneurship, 30 November – 07 December 2019, Asnaes, Denmark

Members of NGO “Next Generation” took part in the Erasmus + training course “Creating the Social Entrepreneurs of Future Europe” which was held in the splendid hamlet of Asnaes, Denmark. It was 7 days experience from 30th of November 2019 until 07th of December and gathered 40 youth workers and people active in the youth field coming from Denmark, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Croatia.

The project was implemented and hosted by “Youth Spectrum” Denmark with partner organisations: NGO “Next Generation”-North Macedonia; NGO “Academy of Success” Bulgaria; PRISMS – Malta; ATIC – Romania; TAVO Europa – Lithuania; The Bettermaking Organisation – Austria; Institute of Youth Power – Croatia; Do Great Things – Latvia; Raquel Lombardi – Portugal; Youth Bridges – Hungary; Youth for Future – Germany.

The main aim of this project is to give to the youth workers and youth leaders knowledge and skills about the concept of social entrepreneurship and social innovation as instruments for solving important social and economic issues that couldn’t be effectively addressed with the conventional methods available. The youth workers trained during this training course in the concepts of social entrepreneurship and social innovation have a new set of tools to work with young people and have a very positive impact on their employability and onto the local youth society in general.