How to overcome public speaking fear?

Have you ever blocked while answering at school, giving a presentation at college, performing at various events or even a job interview, showing less than you know, feeling symptoms such as: sweating, trembling voice, hand, palpitations, difficulty breathing, stuttering, nausea?

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. Many people are dealing with public speaking fear, but also many people are overcoming it.

As with any problem, the solution lies in confrontation, and in order to achieve that, it is necessary to gradually expose yourself to situations that require public appearance. In that way, we gain experience in how to be convincing and precise when presenting.

The crucial is accepting the fact that you are not perfect, but that you are aware that you can do your best to express yourself in the best light. The most important technique for overcoming anxiety is to recognize and change irrational and harmful thoughts related to performance.

Here are some methods and tips:

Controlled breathing method.

Before the performance, focus on breathing, inhale the air through the nose, and exhale it through the mouth. In doing so, hold your breath for a few seconds, then exhale slowly. This technique is very relaxing and should be repeated several times before the performance. Sometimes the nervousness and fear of public appearance can hold us back at a job interview, when there are only a few people in front of us.

Gradual exposure to situations that cause fear

 The more public appearances – the less fear there is of them, because experience is gained. In doing so, we learn how to control ourselves and how to be convincing and successful during the performance.

Practicing exposing yourself in front of a mirror

 This is really helpful method, that might actually help you with your public speaking fear. By practicing in front of the mirror and correcting movements that betray your insecurity, until you are completely satisfied with the way you present yourself, you will minimize the gap for possible mistakes and feel more secure.

In doing so, it is good to ask friends and family members to be your audience and after the performance ask them to give you an honest opinion.

Have water with you when performing.

 The throat will dry up more, it will lead to salvation.

During the presentation, focus exclusively on the content of the material you are presenting. Take small breaks in your presentation, and during the breaks, think about the next segment of the performance. Encourage yourself with positive motivational messages, so you will feed your self-confidence.

Even if you make a mistake during the presentation, you can always turn the situation to your own advantage to leave a pleasant impression with a funny touch.

The most important thing, perhaps the basic segment of overcoming fear, is to fully master and learn everything we do, so we master the topic of our field of action,

Trembling and fear in various forms during public exposure is something that people struggle with throughout their lives, even professionals for whom public appearances are everyday. It is important to accept fear as an integral part of any public appearance. Namely, positive anxiety is a sign that our body is in a state of readiness and alert, which helps us to take care of all aspects of presentation. I hope that these tips will help you to some extent to overcome the fear of public speaking and shine in the right light.