Tanja Dimova

Interview of the month: Tanja Dimova

This month the Next Generation team had an interview with Tanja, young, enthusiastic and positive girl always ready to explore the world.

Tell us something about yourself: who is Tanja and what is she doing?

Hi, I’m 20 years old, from Veles and I’m student of the Faculty of design and technologies of furniture and interior in Skopje. In my free time I like to read books, to draw and I love to go on adventures.

On how many youth projects have you participated so far, and what have you learned from the expereinece?

So far I have been on two youth projects. For me, it was a very powerful experience and I have nothing to regret. I learned more about other countries and other traditions. I upgraded my English knowledge and also learned some words in other languages. 

Explain your Erasmus+ experience in 3 words.

Fun, new friedships and a lot of new experience.

What was the most interesting moment you had while on an Erasmus+ project?

I can’t set aside just one moment of the projects. That’s a week filled with lot of fun moments and a lot of laughs.

What is your favorite traditional food you have tried while participating in a project and where?

The most delicious traditional food that I tried was the Portuguese food while I was participating in Turkey.

How the knowledge/skills/attitudes aquired from participation in youth projects have been beneficial for you?

When I was I Turkey the topic of the project was children with special needs. With this project, I learned more about these children with special needs, how to behave with them and how to help them if that’s a need. And like a red cross volunteer that helped me a lot.

 What would you say to motivate other young people to take part in youth projects?

For other young people out there who want to travel and experience new things in life, I would say to participate in youth projects because there is nothing more fun than these projects. You meet new people, making new friendships and also learning about other countries and traditions.