Interview of the month: Teodora Rajkovska

Meet Teodora, 22 years old student on the department of Philology.

Tell us something about yourself: who is Teodora and what is she doing?

My name is Teodora Rajkovska and I am a student on the department of Philology in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I am 22 years old. 

On how many youth projects have you participated so far, and what have you learned from the experience?

I have participated in 3 youth projects in Macedonia more specifically in Struga, also in Prizren- Kosovo and in Orehovica-Croatia. It was a really great experience. It was very useful and good to be part of some project because  I am  learning a lot of stuff and also hanging out with a lot of different people from different countries and various perspectives. Moreover, everyone shares his/her own experience and knowledge that they have already known from other projects and even from their own life. In addition, we are getting knowledge regarding the theme that we are discussing during the project. It is a really good opportunity for all if they can use it. There you can make friends and learn about their traditions, customs, the way that they behave and to visit some new place that you have never seen before. 

Explain your Erasmus+ experience in 3 words.

 Knowledgeable,  Impressive,  Beautiful 

What was the most interesting moment you had while on an Erasmus+ project?

The most interesting moment I had on a project was the parties and the games that we did with the other participants. Also, the intercultural nights were fantastic. We had a lot of fun. But to get into consideration the whole project was interesting and useful for all of us.  

What is your favorite traditional food you have tried while participating on a project and where?

While I was on a project in Croatia I tasted a traditional snack from Portugal. The name of them are Bolinhos de Bacalhau and are one of the most typical snacks of Portugal. They are made of Portugal’s favorite ingredient, Bacalhau. They are deep-fried fish cakes, made of codfish, potatoes, onion, parsley, and eggs. It is simply fantastic to eat a Bolinho de Bacalhau with a fresh soda or a beer.

Which part from Erasmus+ inspired you to do what you are doing now?

When I first heard for the Erasmus+, I was wondering how it is, what I should do there, when I will go, how I am going to express myself with all these people. Honestly, I was too skeptical on the first side, but when I went, I changed my mind. I practiced my English and also, I started to speak English because I had to. I am very thankful for this opportunity that I had, and also, I heard a lot of different aspects of looking and expressing the self from the other participants. 

How the knowledge/skills/attitudes acquired from participation in youth projects have been beneficial for you?

Firstly, the active participation of young people in decisions and actions at local and regional level is essential if we are to build more democratic, inclusive and prosperous societies. The idea behind this non-formal teaching is that young people themselves should take the initiative to make their life better, solve the problems around them and respond to their needs instead of waiting for somebody to do it for them. Every knowledge and attitude that we gain there is very useful and we can use it in everyday life afterwards. 

What’s your passion in life? 

I have passion in my life to do the best I can in all I do and make the best out of every experience.  More specifically I am passionate about helping other people. Any person with a passion wants to spend as much time as possible doing it because it is something they love, however not everyone has the chance to do so.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

So far I am most proud of earning my pre graduate studies on learning languages in the University.   But, speaking honestly, I consider it just as a start of my journey, not an end. I hope to achieve many other things, both as a student and as a daughter and in any other roles I may have in my life. I love setting goals and pursue them with my work, dedication, enthusiasm.

How this Covid 19 time has affected your life, and what have you done to grow during this year?

To be honest, the virus Covid 19 affected me very badly. That way of living changed me totally. I’m not used to sitting in front of the computer the whole day and doing classes from a distance. Also, it is very terrible to be most of the time at home and getting bored and doing anything. With the virus everything is going back. The things are stacking in time.  But in any case, we have to stay strong and be positive and hope that everything will be fine soon and the most important to be in good health. During this year, I was having classes online from my faculty. I was quite busy, also I was doing some homework and I watched movies, listened to music, and made a company with friends. 

What would you say to motivate other young people to take part in youth projects?

Firstly I will share my experience with them and with all my heart kindly I am going to tell them to go and try, to don’t lose the opportunity because it Is a very good and useful experience to be part of it. Also they can learn a lot of things  and share their own views, make new friends, visit some countries and learn their traditions as well.