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Countering disinformation with browser extension ‘Akreditator’

Youth Council Next Generation participated in the first part of the project ‘MIL Policies Are Our Policies’ aimed at stimulating peer education and enhancing MIL culture among young people and civil society in general.

The second phase of the UNESCO EU-funded project “Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey – Phase 2,” introduces the SEE Youth Newsroom which aims to serve as a bridge between young journalists and youth to foster trust in media.

The South East Europe Youth Newsroom is a network of young journalists and journalists’ students from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, and Kosovo* (under UNSCR 1244), established by the Centre for Development of Youth Activism (CROA) to give the young journalists an opportunity to work together, report on issues related to freedom of expression, and improve their journalism skills.

The Room is the digital platform that presents the outputs of this SEE Youth Newsroom, basically the voices and perspectives of more than 30 young journalists, and offers a creative mix of articles, videos, photos, background stories, interviews, and other forms of journalistic reporting.

Our member of Youth Council Next Generation Kristina Dimitrova is a participant to the project and is writing articles as part of the SEE Youth Newsroom 2021. Check out her article ‘Countering disinformation in North Macedonia: Akreditator’s online fight’ which covers an interview with Gorjan Jovanovski the creator of Akreditator – a browser extension developed to reduce the flow of disinformation and to influence national media to be more ethical in their reporting.