Koje Featureed

Youth exchange: Are you lost yet (KOJE) 21st – 31st October 2021, Struga, Macedonia

“Kas sa oled juba eksinud?” is the question that gathered 15 young people in one place, all seeking for the answer. “Are you lost yet”, or in Estonian –“ Kas sa oled juba eksinud?” was the Youth Exchange that took place in Struga, Macedonia, in late October, 2021. Participants from Macedonia, Belgium, Lithuania and Estonia had one main goal during these ten days, which was to create an online magazine, as well as a booklet.

The whole process of creating the zine was a great way to emphasize the importance of cooperation and tolerance among the participants. Everyone was equally involved and shared responsibilities and tasks in series of activities. Speaking of activities, it started with icebreaking games and getting to know each other, through engagement in creative designs and various workshop activities, to coming up with ideas and expressing them in written form. These writings were developed in articles and then published in the final magazine. 

In comprehending the strategies, methods and processes of online magazine production, of great significance were the guest presenters and speakers, which were the creators of an actual magazine Voices, as well as a local journalist from Struga. Besides the technical help, participants amplified their creativity and inspiration throughout activities like painting, origami making, writing poetry and even rapping. It was aspiring that all of the art expressions were shown on a small exhibition and that each youngster got the chance to “get lost” in what they like and what they related with. 

Alongside of  the learned things and broadened views, participants will sure bring with them some fun memories and pictures from beautiful places they visited during this project. The trips to Ohrid and Vevchani were a “lovely highlight” – as one of them said, and a great way to get to know the area and the culture of the country.