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Youth Exchange “Sustainability 4 Positive Change”, 03-12 November 2021, Floda, Sweden

Accommodated on the  Bockaberg Campsite, Floda, 60 participants from  Sweden, North Macedonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey, attended the Youth Exchange “Sustainability 4 Positive Change”. Most of them would agree that the most unique thing that people have during their youth is the endless discovery of the outside world and when it comes to new experiences, Erasmus+ has to be mentioned as one of the golden opportunities for them to do so.

During an Erasmus+ journey, youngsters are encouraged every day to get out of their comfort zone and try to discover the beauty in discomfort and adaptation. Many of them will overcome their biggest insecurities, mainly thanks to the many activities that are proposed during the stay, all focused on building relations and bonds, within an intercultural environment. Days are filled with workshops and activities, all spinning around a specific topic, and this time it was related to sustainability. “What are SDG goals? Why should we recycle and go to zero waste? Why should we buy second-hand? What does gender equality mean?” were the questions that were covered in order to raise awareness and improve critical thinking.

During the project, a booklet was created by the participants, and you can find it on this LINK.

Also, you can check our WordPress blog on this LINK, for more information connected with the project and project topic