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Youth Exchange “Don’t be mean behind the screen”, 11-19 September 2021, Graz, Austria was successfully implemented

The YE “Don’t be mean behind the screen”,  took place in Graz, Austria, where people attended the program, with the aim to increase young people’s awareness of the danger and negative effects of cyberbullying and hate speech online. This project has been co-founded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Action KA1 program. The strong motivation behind the Youth exchange is to address the influence and impact of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on the life of young people because social media are prominent parts of life for many young people today.

Through a series of workshops, participants gained new knowledge about the use of the Internet and discovered new ways of accessing social networks, through non-formal education and focusing on the most important aspects of cyberbullying. By exchanging views and ideas, participants were encouraged to become leaders in their local community and to foster a critical debate about the impact of social media. 

Through developing participants’ ICT skills, creating videos, articles, handbooks, regarding the topic. they were also influenced in a way that they became more aware of the influence of social media on behavior with a special focus on self-esteem and self-confidence. The program also included a few sessions of movies and series episodes that depicted the cruel reality and opened new perspectives on the topic.  Since everyone was ready to work in a mix-intercultural learning environment a successful project was implemented. Besides everyone learned something, had fun and explored a new area in the beautiful city of Graz.

To see more of what was happening during the project days as well as what we have created during the programme, you can check the WordPress blog.