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Youth Exchange ”Active Youth for Europe” 12 – 19 November 2021 – Floda, Sweden

Another amazing project finished and sent home 60 participants richer in experience, knowledge, ideas, in friendships. Erasmus+ funded Youth Exchange ”Active Youth 4 Europe” has officially finished.

This youth exchange project took its place in Sweden in a small village called Floda. The countries that participated in this project are Sweden, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria and Republic of North Macedonia. Each country gathered 10 participants among which 2 team leaders with the idea of sharing their culture, knowledge, perspective on different topics, and ideas on how to solve certain problems our generation faces.

In these 7 days that participants spent together, they had the opportunity to live together, eat together, and spend their time working on different topics and exchanging practices and experiences. Each day there were 4 working sessions trough out the day and during that time participants worked in mixed country groups and had to work together to present certain situations, social settings, opinions of the group, knowledge. The workshops were all connected with the topic of EU and YOUTH, like young people in Europe, who are the citizens of Europe, how it is for non-European Union citizens to talk about E.U., what are the general problems but also solutions of young people in EU and most important – what we can do to create our safe European future.

Many people came with few or no expectations, but left with a higher level of self-confidence, presenting skills and debating skills, developed level of creativity and motivation to take active part in future decision making processes.

As one of our participants said: “Being an active citizen is not something you think about in daily life. Yet the Erasmus+ project #activeyouthofeurope in which I am participating made me think of how important this topic is, how important it is to care and take into account the issue of active citizenship in my daily life. Being an active citizen can mean a lot of things, it can be volunteering in local community, voting, joining/creating an NGO and many more. An idea around it is to make the community, city, country a better place to be. I totally feel connected to this idea and thanks to our project I’m feeling inspired to contribute more and be an active citizen.”

Another participant shared their thoughts: “At first, I didn’t know what to expect from this project, because this is my first Erasmus+ Youth exchange project ever. So I came here with no expectations and I have to be honest, I am very pleased with all the things that have happened here. I have shared so many great and happy memories with people who I met only on this project. I have learned so many things about the other countries cultures and values. But you know what is the greatest part about it? I can visit different places all around the world and it’s funded by Erasmus+. For example, right now I am in Floda, Sweden where I am participating in YE about active youth for Europe and we are 60 people from six different countries and I know that everyone is having the best time here – meeting new people, learning some good lessons and having fun. This great opportunity to expand your view on world and make some great memories.”

While finishing this project, we can say that the “Erasmus generation” is by every project becoming richer with knowledge, experience, self-development, by new network and friends and with high determination to do better – and to be better not just for themselves but for the future of Europe.