Youth exchange: “Global Impact 4 Sustainability”, 25.09 – 03.10 2021 Struga, N. Macedonia

The Youth exchange ‘Global Impact 4 Sustainability’ was implemented with the idea for a more sustainable Europe by providing participants an opportunity for intercultural learning, thus connecting them with peers from other countries and cultures. Given that, on the 25th of September 2021,  participants from seven countries across Europe: UK, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Germany and Spain, came together in Struga, North Macedonia to participate in a Youth exchange ‘Global Impact 4 Sustainability’ implemented under the Erasmus+ Programme.

Тhe project focused on raising awareness on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as, encouraging the involved participants and their peers coming from their communities/countries to be active and to take part in the decision-making processes having an impact on their future. During the Youth exchange the participants took part in various interactive presentations, creative workshops, open discussions and debates in order to increase their knowledge on SDGs and to practice soft skills, such as presentation skills, leadership and teamwork, intercultural communication skills, etc. Everyone was equally involved and shared responsibilities and tasks in a series of activities. During these workshops, a series of short videos introducing SDGs were created and later disseminated among young people through social networks and the Internet.

Gathering youngsters from all over Europe and giving them the opportunity to discover themselves by living together for a short period of time is probably one of the most stimulating challenges for shaping a personality and gaining knowledge about other cultures and different realities. This time, the participants will bring back with them environmental awareness and environmentally responsible behavior and try to affect young people from their communities through online dissemination activities and local follow up events.