All We Need – Testimonials

Hello! My name is Dimitar Mitrevski and I am currently a student at the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Ohrid, from where I also come. I am 22 years old and “All we need” project in Silivri, Istanbul was my first ever Erasmus project.

The project took place in the period 09.04 – 17.04 and its main objectives were fighting discrimination and mainly getting to know the basic human rights. We had many workshops on different subjects, but, however the main goal was to show fighting against discrimination on all matters (race, sex, gender, religion…) as well as social inclusion. All the workshops were done through non formal education, games, energizers, physical activities and so on. We succeeded in raising awareness about the modern-day problems in our society that include prejudice, human rights, refugees’ rights, etc.

Being my first project, I was surprised how much the people were open to talk about different topics that concerns human rights, prejudice, discrimination, because each and every idea was unique and welcomed. I also learned to listen to people more and always to think twice before doing or saying something. The memories I made there and the people I met there as well as the things I learned there; I will remember forever and of course spread the knowledge further to my friends and family. I am so glad I had an opportunity to meet such wonderful people and at no time I felt judged when I said something. Everyone was open-minded and ready to talk about the given topics.

I must emphasize that at the beginning I was a bit shy, but as the time passed by, I felt more and more open to share my ideas and to talk openly with people. Therefore, I developed further my public speaking skills and leadership skills; being one of the two group leaders from the Macedonian team. I will always suggest this type of non-formal education to young people because I believe it can help them learn many new things, meet other cultures, learn new languages, visit new places… All in all, to see the world from a bit different perspective and realize the good things in the world. Finally, I want to thank the organization for the wonderful opportunity and I can say that I will definitely participate in more projects and give my best to each of them. “All we need” was all we needed indeed!

Hello, my name is Gligor Gligorov and I am a high school student in the bilingual classes in Negotino,North Macedonia.I am 19 years old and i took part in the Erasmus+ funded YE ,,All We Need” in Istanbul,Turkey,from 9th of April to 14th of April.

Along with the learning there I met some some amazing people with which i made lifetime memories. We were learning together,playing,laughing and I won’t hide,we even shed a few tears on the last day. We’ve shared with each other our cultures,traditions,food and dances. Along with that in the nights we’ve had a lot of deep conversations out of the topic,from which we were learning more and more because everyone of us had a different background.

These friendships will last forever,also remember that everyone needs to move at least once of his comfort zone.

Every workshop was interesting and I don’t regret that I took place in this Youth exchange.The non-formal learning method is really useful and I encourage everyone to participate in the Erasmus+ youth exchanges. It was my pleasure to represent our country and the sending organisation Next Generation.